Nowadays, home tech is going wireless. From remote controlled thermostats to door locks that you can turn on and off with the tap of your phone, folks are finding integrated remote systems easy, useful, and admittedly, a bit fun. Home security is one of many industries that is driving change in home modernization and wireless, remote-access upgrades. And here at Fifteen Alarms, we’re proud to be part of that movement. We’re bringing remote-access security solutions to homeowners throughout the Memphis area, so that they have better control over their home, and of course, better safety for their family.

Now, you may be weighing the pros and cons of installing a tried and true landline security system or a wireless, remote-access system (and fortunately, we provide both!). Today, we’re here to offer up some of the benefits of opting to go wireless with your security. A wireless system may be right for you if you’d benefit from any or all of the following features: