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If you have been wondering if you should purchase a home security system, or update your current system, you may have asked yourself if such a system is really necessary. If you are on the fence about home security in Memphis, consider the following statistic: 1 out of 18 people will be the victim of a property crime in Memphis, and this includes burglary and theft in the home. This puts you and your family at a high level of risk in Memphis, and you should take steps to protect yourself, your family, and your home. Fifteen Alarms is here to help! We can install home security equipment, or work with your existing equipment to offer you affordably priced monthly plans that keep your home safe and secure. Read on for more convincing that, yes, you really do need a home security system!

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A five year study that was conducted by Rutgers University School of Criminal Justice found that as the number of home security systems increases in an area, the number of robberies decreased. This was true even for people who didn’t own their own security system! Security systems can work to deter crime in your home, and to make your entire neighborhood safer. Many times if a burglar sees a home security system is in place, it may shorten or completely deter them from attempting to take valuables from your home. So install a security system, and know that you are deterring crime in your home and neighborhood.

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The benefit of a security system that comes most readily to mind is protecting your belongings. The first step in protection comes in the form of signs in your yard or window, alerting passersby that your property is protected. These act as the first line of defense to make your property less desirable to a burglar. The next step is when one of your secure entry points is breached, a high-pitched alarm is emitted. This not only alerts whoever is in the home, but can signify to neighbors that there is a problem. Your security service is notified of a breach, and the authorities are notified. This dramatically shortens the time of a potential burglary, making it less likely that your valuable property will be taken. Think of everything in your home that is of value, and imagine the heirlooms and sentimental items that cannot be replaced. A home security system is your best line of defense against a burglar taking your valuables.


We all have the best intentions in keeping our homes safe and secure. Our nightly routines probably consist of checking doors, and maybe windows, to make sure that everything is locked up tight. But there are invariably times that we just simply forget to lock up, or are distracted by something else. Maybe the weather is warming up, and you are not used to remembering to lock (or even close) your windows. Or perhaps you had to let the cat inside in the middle of the night, and in your half-asleep state forgot to re-lock the door. Mistakes happen, but this is where your home security system can step in. A system will not allow you to arm it if there is a door or window open or unlocked. You will be alerted to these problems before you go to bed, or leave for the day. A burglar doesn’t care that you always remember to lock up besides this one time. They are looking for opportunity, and human mistakes often give them one. Let a security system act as another layer of protection to remind you when your home is not as secure as you may think.


You shouldn’t stay up at night wondering how to protect your loved ones, your home, and your valuables. Let your security system stay up all night watching and protecting! A security system can be worth more than you think if it brings you the peace of mind that you have done everything you can to protect your home. Especially if you choose some of the wireless features, you will be able to monitor your home when you are away to ease any concerns or worries you have. Let your home security system take the burden of worry from you!


This might be a surprise to you, but many insurance companies offer up to a 20 percent discount to homeowners that use a home security system. This can offset the cost of any system you have installed, or maintained, and shows the value insurers place on home security systems. So install a home security system, and end up saving some money in the process!

What to Do After a Burglary

If the worst has happened, and you discover that your home has been burglarized, you need to know the steps to take next. A burglary can be a life-altering event that can have financial and emotional ramifications. Read on to learn what to do if you do experience a burglary, and how to move forward.

Call the Police

This seems intuitive, but in the aftermath of a burglary you can sometimes be in a fog and not able to make the best and most rational decisions. If you come home to your door broken in, a broken window, or other signs that your home has been entered, do not enter the property, and instead call the police from a remote, safe location. Don’t disturb anything in your home, or move anything, your first step should be to get the police on the scene. When the police arrive, they will assess the situation and tell you your options for filing a report.

Take Pictures

You want to take pictures of your home exactly as it is after the break-in, no rearranging or cleaning up. Make a list of missing items, and photograph any damage and areas where intruders entered your home. You will need this information for your insurance company, to document what exactly was stolen. If you saw the intruder you will want to write down any pertinent information including age, sex, and any identifying marks or clothing. You want to gather as much information as possible from the crime scene before you move anything.

Notify Your Neighbors

Once the police are at your house, your neighbors are bound to be curious, but they also could have valuable information. Notifying your neighbors can alert them to threats in the neighborhood, help them recall whether they saw anyone suspicious, and help them to safeguard their own homes. Neighbors who work together to make their neighborhoods safer are usually successful in reducing crime.

Call Your Insurance Company

Your insurance company will be the only way that you can hope to recoup any monetary losses due to a break-in (unless your goods are recovered by the police, which is rare). Calling as soon as possible after the police have been to your home is essential, and your insurance company will want the police report number and other information from their visit. If you have receipts from missing items, gather those as evidence to give more legitimacy to your insurance claim. Your insurance company will send out an adjuster to investigate in person, so it is important that you don’t tamper too much with the crime scene. The adjuster will listen to your story, take pictures, and help verify what was stolen. This step is extremely important in trying to offset some of the financial impact of the burglary.

Clean Up

With most break-ins, there is a considerable amount of damage and mess to clean up. An intruder may have broken a front door, a window, or forced their way into a back yard through a fence. There could be significant damage to these areas that you need to repair once everything is documented with the police and insurance. During this clean-up time, you may discover more items that are missing or broken, and you can call your insurance to add these to your claim. Often a burglar will toss things out of drawers and closets looking for valuables, so the cleaning process can be extensive. Once your home is back in order, and damages are fixed, you can start getting back to normal life.

Emotional Consequences

Even if no one was hurt and very little of value was taken, there is still a sense of loss, violation, and sadness that can follow a break-in. Knowing that a stranger was in your home, going through your personal items can make you feel vulnerable and unsafe. Your home may not feel like a refuge anymore, and you may not know how to return to everyday life. Meeting with friends, family, or a counselor can help you work through the many emotions produced by a break-in, and every family member will deal with the situation in their own way. Your children may need extra reassurance and comforting during this hard time. Getting back to a familiar schedule and routine will help you emotionally work through the situation. You need to take control of your fear, and take practical, concrete measures to ensure that you feel safe in your home once again.

Increase Your Home's Security

Unfortunately, it takes a robbery for many homeowners to get serious about home security. Not only will increased home security prevent future burglaries, it will bring you peace of mind if you have had a robbery. Investing in secure doors and windows is crucial, because these are the main points of entry for a burglar to access your home. The most essential step you can take to secure your home is to install a home security system that will alert you, and the police, if anyone tries to access your home, and that you can control remotely. A home security system helps you to get over past burglaries, knowing that you are taking the important steps to make sure your home is protected.

Fifteen Alarms Protects Memphis Homes!

At Fifteen Alarms, we provide the Memphis area with the best in home security systems, and we can use your existing equipment, we have no contracts, and low rates! We want to partner with you to keep your home safe, your family protected, and eliminate the possibility of another devastating burglary.

Parents in Memphis Need Security Systems!

In about 28 percent of burglaries, a household member was home during the break-in. For parents, that is a very scary statistic, and they never want their children to be exposed to any sort of crime. If you are a parent in Memphis, just like anywhere in the country, you want the best for your children. You want to feed them the right foods, put them in the right schools, help them make friends, and above all keep them safe. That’s what Fifteen Alarms is all about—keeping families safe and giving parents peace of mind that their homes are protected. If you are a Memphis parent wondering how you can keep your family safe, read on to learn why a home security system from Fifteen Alarms is the best investment you can make.

Protection From Intruders

Intruders entering the home is the number one reason that parents are motivated to install a home security system. You want to be alerted, both day and night, if someone unknown to you is attempting to access your home. A security system gives you peace of mind that while your children are happily playing in another room you will be alerted if anyone attempts to access your home. At night, you will know that your home is secure and you can sleep easily, not needing to be startled and awoken by every little noise. Just the presence of an alarm system is enough to deter many potential burglars, and will give you time to get to a safe location and notify police if there is a breach in your home. Rest easy in the night, and know your children are safe in the daytime with a new home security system.

Save Money

Kids are expensive, and parents are always on the lookout for ways to keep their precious earnings in the bank. Saving for college, the ever-rising food bills, and any sports or extracurriculars your child is involved in are what you want your money to go toward. But did you know that the average loss from a household burglary when someone is home is $1,000, and more if no one is present during the theft? Your investment in a home security system will seem miniscule if you are one of the many Memphis residents to experience a break-in that results in financial loss. When families experience the trauma of a home invasion, they never look back and wish they didn’t have their home alarm system. Fifteen Alarms offers low-cost solutions to security, and we even work with your existing equipment!  Install a home security system and you won’t expose your home to theft that can cost you dearly.


Think of the many items in your home that you want to pass on to your children. These items are not replaceable, and if stolen cannot be bought at your neighborhood store. Maybe you have jewelry that has been handed down from a great-great-grandmother that you hope your daughter can one day wear. Or precious photographs or writings that tell the story of your ancestors triumphs and tribulations. Or photos, videos, or voice recordings on a computer, laptop, camera, or videocamera that will be discarded by any burglar, but will be a devastating loss to you. There are so many items that we hope one day our children will get to enjoy and reminisce over, but leaving your home unprotected is inviting the possibility of losing these items. Protect your valuables, and also those items that are sentimental and personally valuable to you and your children.

Window Sensors

While monitoring your doors and windows is imperative for keeping your home secure from intruders, it is also useful in keeping your children safe from injury. More than 5,000 children a year are treated for window-fall related injuries, with head trauma and even death resulting. Keeping furniture away from windows, not trusting that a screen can hold your child in, and keeping windows shut and locked are all important steps in preventing falls and injury. When you have window sensors, you don’t need to wonder if your child has figured out the window locks and is exploring what happens if they open the window. You will be alerted, and can prevent a potentially dangerous situation from occurring.

Door Sensors

Just as window sensors can keep children safe from falling, door sensors can also help keep your children inside and secure. If you have a sleepwalking child, you know the anxiety and fear that they might walk right out of the front door not even realizing what they are doing. Stories of children who have walked miles in their sleep terrify parents, but a door alarm as part of your home security system can help! If your child tries to access the door in the night, the alarm will go off and you will be able to assess what is going on. Door sensors can also be helpful during the day if you have a child who likes to try to escape and run outside. If you live on a busy street, just going out the front door can be extremely dangerous for a young child. Keep your doors secure, and be alerted if they are opened to keep your children safe.

Video Access

Some security systems come with video that you can use to monitor different areas in your home. Are you working in an upstairs office when the doorbell rings? See instantly who is there, as your children scramble to run to answer the door. It might be an expected neighborhood friend, or you may need to intervene if it is a solicitor or other unknown person. You can also monitor your children who are in other rooms to ensure that they are safe. Use your home security system to monitor your baby while they are sleeping, and never feel guilty that you couldn’t hear them crying after waking up. Having a live video feed of your home is a great way that parents can keep their children safe!

Remote Access

The video feature becomes even more useful when you factor in the remote access that you can enjoy with some of the systems offered by Fifteen Alarms. You don’t need to be home to monitor your security—get peace of mind even on the go! Feel confident leaving your child with a babysitter, or leaving an older child home alone when you can check on them throughout the day. Remote access allows you to also lock your doors, windows, and close your garage door from anywhere. If your older kids are home alone you can rest assured that the doors are locked and they are safe. Remote access can also let you turn on the lights, and control your home’s temperature remotely—very useful when bringing the kids home from vacation on a hot summer day! Let remote access help you monitor your children even when you aren’t home and ensure that your home is safe and secure.


Many home security systems also let you monitor your home from fires. A fire can spread quickly and get out of control, and young children are especially susceptible to the danger of fires. Be alerted when your fire alarm goes off, even when you aren’t home. Having a detailed plan with your children of what to do in the event of a fire is very important, and drawing out an exit route, having a designated meeting spot, and fire extinguishers in the home are all crucial. Part of that plan can also be your security system, and you can know that you will be alerted in the event of a fire.


A flood in your home causes extensive damage, can cost a lot of money to repair, and can damage priceless heirlooms. While floods are sometimes caused by natural disasters, more often they are from faulty appliances, or user error. Water leaks can occur as a result of temperature fluctuations, old piping, and more. If you aren’t home, a washing machine, dishwasher, or water heater can flood your home in a matter of minutes. Newer home security systems come with water detection sensors that can alert you to any leaks. Especially if you have children that may not know what to do in the event of an appliance flooding, water detection sensors can be a vital part of your home’s security system.

Special Needs Children

If you have children with special needs, they may not outgrow some of the safety needs of very young children. Creating a safe space for special needs children is essential, and your home security system can be part of that. From video feeds, to door and window sensors, you can make sure that you don’t leave the home without your knowledge, and that no dangerous windows are opened. Having extra monitoring available is a huge help for many parents with special needs children.

Wireless Capability

Gone are the days when burglars can just “cut the power” and leave your home vulnerable to theft. Parents can have peace of mind that their system doesn’t stop working when a power outage occurs, and that there is no way around their home alarm. New technology brings even more security options to homeowners, and new parents will be especially relieved that their homes are always protected, and their children kept safe.

So if you are a parent in Memphis wanting to keep your children safe, you need to contact Fifteen Alarms! We have no-contracts, the lowest prices, and can work with any systems! Being a parent is hard work, so let Fifteen Alarms lighten the burden of worrying about your children’s safety in the home. Contact us to get started today!

What Sets Fifteen Alarms Apart From the Rest

If you are in Memphis and looking for a solution to home security, look no further than Fifteen Alarms! We strive to be the best security system you can find, and believe that everyone should have access to ways to make their home safe. Read on to learn more about Fifteen Alarms, and how we are different!

History in Security

Our commitment to providing security to the residents of middle Tennessee stretches back to the 1990s, and we have continued to innovate since that time. We are proud to serve all of Memphis and the surrounding areas, including Whitehaven, Southwind, Arlington, and Lakeland. We have always been focused on customer care, and want to provide you with truly exceptional service that goes above and beyond. You will never be hassled by us, or pushed into a system you aren’t comfortable with. We want you to understand all of the choices in home security and make the best decision for you and your family. We will never pressure you into a sale!

Low Rates

Low rates are one of the cornerstones of our company, and we strive to keep home security affordable for Memphis residents. We have three easy to understand plans that have extremely straightforward pricing. Our landline service is only $15 a month and offers 24/7 monitoring, intrusion, fire, and environmental protection, and works with your landline—no cell phone required! Our second plan is the wireless security plan, at $25 a month, and this is a great choice if you don’t have a landline, and want remote access through a mobile app on your phone. Our smart home plan has the most features, and still is only $35 a month! Smart home offers all of the features of our landline and wireless plans, but includes the chance to integrate video surveillance, 2-way voice, remote door lock control, remote lighting control, and remote climate control. We believe that safety should be affordable, and our rates offer home security to everyone.

Existing Equipment

Another way that Fifteen Alarms saves you money, time, and stress is by using your pre existing alarm equipment. Many other companies will make you buy new equipment, even if your old equipment is in good condition. New equipment means more money for the security company, but that is not how Fifteen Alarms operates. We are happy to save you money and quickly reprogram your existing system to get your home secured affordably. Another great reason to keep your existing equipment is that you are already familiar with the way it works. A system that is easy for you to navigate and understand means that your home will be protected and secured. If you don’t have any existing equipment, no problem! We offer new installations, and our Honeywell equipment provides lots of great options. Of course, we offer free consultations to assess your home and help you decide on a system that is perfect for you. At Fifteen Alarms our main concern is home security, and we are not just looking to make a sale.

No Contracts

One of the best parts about Fifteen Alarms? We don’t have any contracts, and don’t trap you into a system you don’t like. Why do other companies force you to sign a contract when they say you will love the service? At Fifteen Alarms we want you to be in control of your home security, and we think that our service and support speak for themselves. With other companies you may be penalized for early termination of your contract, or if you want to switch plans. But with Fifteen Alarms, we are looking to provide you with a security solution perfectly tailored to your needs, and we understand that those needs may change over time. Rest easy with Fifteen Alarms, knowing that you are not trapped into a contract.

Fire and Smoke Protection

We are pleased to offer home security solutions that include fire and smoke protection. You can rest easy knowing that a security system that includes fire and smoke protection will alert you to the first signs of fire in your home. This can be crucial for getting your family to safety and catching a fire before it damages your home, property, and valuables. Fire and smoke protection is just one of the great features that Fifteen Alarms offers!

Remote Access

What is better than a brand new security system? A wireless security system that you can control from anywhere! Our wireless plan gives you the option to control your home remotely from your phone, so that you always know that your house is protected. Even when you are at work or out of town, our wireless system allows you to access your home security. You can also add on controls for door locks, lighting, climate control, and more using the smart home plan. Take your home security to the next level with remote, wireless access!

Video Surveillance

Along with remote access, we also offer video surveillance so that you always have eyes on your home. Using your mobile app you can see your home in real time, and know whether anyone is at the door, or if your babysitter is still there. Video monitoring is just another layer available with Fifteen Alarms that upgrades your home security through technology.

Fifteen Alarms is a different kind of home security company, and we are proud of our unique features. We want to bring Memphis the best in affordable, easy home security and wireless systems that will protect your home and your family — call us today!

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