Remote Home Security App

When you picture your perfect vacation, you might envision a beach, or a mountaintop, or maybe an exotic island. I’m sure relaxation, good food and drinks are also in this picture! What is definitely not part of a great vacation is worrying about your home security. Wondering if you locked your doors or closed your garage can ruin a vacation, and you can spend your precious vacation days trying to call neighbors or friends to check on your home.

Stop worrying and enjoy your next vacation with a wireless home security system from Fifteen Alarms of Memphis! We proudly serve folks throughout the area, including residents of Memphis, Bartlett, Cordova, Lakeland, Southwind, Germantown, Whitehaven, and Arlington. We will eliminate your fears with a wireless monitoring system that can be managed remotely-even on vacation! Read on to see how our wireless monitoring system can help your home and alleviate your stress.


Have you ever left your home in a hurry to rush to the airport? Maybe once you were on the plane you couldn’t remember if you locked your front door; this can obviously cause an immense amount of stress! If this has happened to you, you might know what it’s like to call around to your friends or neighbors to try and double check that your doors are locked or even closed! Preparation for a vacation can be very intense and distracting, and even if you have never left your front door open before, your vacation is not when you want to start! With our wireless alarm system, you can monitor whether your door is closed from your phone- even on the beach!

If you are someone who likes to check, and double check, your door locks, you can use your phone to monitor your door security in real time. If you are someone who wouldn’t realize your door was unlocked until you got home, your wireless security can alert you if you have forgotten to secure your home. Your wireless monitoring system can also make sure that your garage door is closed and secure; garage doors not only give entrance to a home, but usually there are thousands of dollars of equipment stored in garages that could be stolen if left exposed.

Allow Access

A smart security system allows you to control who enters your home remotely, and there are times when you actually want to allow access instead of keep your door locked. Maybe you have a pet sitter that you want to make sure is keeping your pet fed. Or maybe you are alerted to an issue in your home before you leave, and you would like to allow access to a service person such as a plumber or electrician. With a wireless home security system, you can unlock your home remotely to allow access, and lock and secure your home again, all remotely! You will also know when your home has been accessed, so you will know for sure that your pet has been fed or your furnace is being repaired.


If you have gone on a tropical vacation, only to realize that a freak spring storm has buried your home in snow, you will be able to control your home’s temperature remotely. Maybe you left your heat off because the weather was great, but now you are worrying about your pet’s comfort or that your pipes might freeze. Or perhaps the weather has turned unexpectedly hot and you haven’t set your air conditioner to cool your home. With a wireless system, temperature is another area that you won’t have to stress about while on vacation. Enjoy your beach sunshine and cool island breezes; your home will stay at the right temperature even with unexpected weather. When you are returning home, you can ensure that your home will be comfortable by remotely turning up the heat or air conditioning. Don’t return to a freezing cold house that doesn’t heat up for hours; take control of your home temperature remotely with wireless technology.


If you have lamented in the past that you should have left lights on in your home while on vacation, your wireless monitoring can help here as well. Keeping lights on can make your home appear to be occupied, and can deter theft and burglary. Control what lights are on, and at what times, with a wireless monitoring system. Keep your home looking bright and lived in by making sure your lights are on!

If you are making a list for your next vacation, a wireless home security system from Fifteen Alarms should be on there! If you are wanting a stress-free vacation where you can truly enjoy your time and not worry about your home, wireless monitoring can give you the peace of mind you need. Spend your time soaking in the sun and relaxing, not worrying about the security of your home. If you are in the Memphis area, call us today to get started! Again, we provide home security solutions throughout Memphis, Bartlett, Cordova, Lakeland, Southwind, Germantown, Whitehaven, and Arlington.