Image of someone installing a camera

When dealing with home security installation, you want to trust the installers that you are working with. After all, they’re the ones ensuring that you, your family, and your property are as safe as possible. Unfortunately, some people’s intentions are not so pure. Here are a few warning signs that the installer you’re working with might not be your best choice.

Image of a front door left openRequesting Unfettered Access

Obviously, when someone is analyzing your home security needs, they’re going to need to see your home in order to figure out your specific needs. With that said, be cautious of installers that ask for their own keys or that want to have access to your home when you are out of the house.  

Image of a woman looking at her phone and seeming frustratedInconsistent Communication

One of the basics when it comes to a reliable and professional security installation situation is communication. Your installation plan should be laid out clearly, with a definitive plan so that you know what is happening in your home. Anything less than clear communication is suspect.

Image of a contractNo Contract

When dealing with any sort of professional, you’re going to want to have your agreement in writing. If your installer is reluctant to sign any paperwork or didn’t bring it up in the first place, this might be a cause for concern and a definite security red flag.

Image of a way to leave a reviewA Lack of Reviews

We understand that when a business is getting started, it can be difficult to get a substantial amount of reviews in order to ensure customers that your service is trustful and reliable. But, if a business is claiming that they are established while not having a substantial online presence, following, or reviews, it might be cause for looking a bit further into their practices.

Navigating the world of home security installation in Memphis can be difficult. You want the best for you and your home while understanding the fact that there are some people out there that will use this desire against you.

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