Securing your Memphis-area home is important. It can offer you peace of mind, protect your valuables, and protect your family. Here at Fifteen Alarms, we offer the best home security systems with no contracts and affordable rates. Learn about some must-have features for your Memphis home security system, and contact us today!

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24/7 & Environmental Monitoring

Environmental monitoring is a new feature in many home security systems in Memphis. This feature helps ensure the environment within your home is protected while you are away. This can include monitoring the temperature, the moisture and humidity levels, and even power outages.

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Remote System Access With a Mobile App

Being able to monitor your home’s security system while you are away allows for a faster response time if you notice something is amiss. Plus, you can control other features such as environmental monitoring, too.

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Video Doorbell & Surveillance

Security cameras remain the top feature to have with a home security system. This is because video evidence is almost irrefutable in a court of law, so having video doorbells and surveillance systems can offer the ultimate protection for your home.

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A Top-Rated Home Security System Company

An indispensable item you should have for your home alarm system is a top-rated home security system company which can offer 24/7 home security monitoring with amazing customer service. Fifteen Alarms has more than 25 years of experience helping Memphis-area homeowners protect their homes with home security systems that are customized to their needs. Get in touch today!


When looking for a reliable home security system company, Fifteen Alarms is your go-to choice. Our experienced team can use your existing home alarm system or install a new one for you. We offer month-to-month contracts and smart home system features. Contact us to get started today!

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