As a Memphis city homeowner, one of the most important things you can implement into your property is a home security system. These systems will not only protect your home from potential threats such as burglars but also environmental threats like carbon monoxide, fires, and smoke. At Fifteen Alarms, we want to help to protect your home and those you love, so we are here to inform you about four reasons to install a residential fire alarm system. Read on to learn more or visit our website today! 

Helps Prevent Property Damage

Fires can be immensely destructive, especially if they have time to build and quickly grow. Not only does this put your home at risk, but also other properties around you, as intense temperatures can easily travel. Our monitored smoke detectors are constantly on the lookout for potential fire hazards, as they will contact emergency help as soon as they detect serious danger!

Reach Emergency Help Quickly

When it comes to house fires, the faster you reach emergency help, the more likely your home and its residents will stay protected. At Fifteen Alarms, we offer everything your home needs to stay safe with our fire alarm systems. Always have someone watching your back by working with us today! 

Provides 24/7 Protection 

The unfortunate thing about emergencies is that they can happen at any time, as they are likely to occur when least expected. Our monitoring systems offer your home 24/7 fire protection, as we will notify emergency responders at the first sign of extreme danger! 

Keep Your Family Safe 

The most important reason to install a home alarm system with included fire protection is to keep your family safe. Our company understands the importance of family, and we want to help keep yours protected from the many dangers this world has to offer! 

If you are a homeowner in Memphis looking for excellent ways to protect your home, look no further than partnering with Fifteen Alarms. We have everything you need for an overall secure property that will help those inside live comfortably! Contact us today to get started.