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Tennessee is a great state to live in, and SmartAsset has just released their top list of more affordable places to live, and Bartlett in Shelby County makes the list. Fifteen Alarms is a home security company that offers top-rated home security systems. Get in touch with us today!

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The Ranking Factors

SmartAsset, a financial and technology company located in New York, used a variety of factors when ranking the most affordable cities to live in Tennessee. Some of these factors included taxes, the cost of homeowners insurance, and home costs in relation to local median income.

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The Deciding Factor

After all was said and done, the deciding factor came down to which areas had the lowest cost of home ownership relative to median income. It’s interesting to note that the trend towards remote work can have a positive impact on these numbers as now people can keep their higher-paying jobs in large cities, such as Nashville, but live in more affordable places, such as Bartlett.

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Where Bartlett Ranked

Bartlett, a Memphis suburb, ranked number six on their list. Its median income was $84,688 and the average mortgage was $7,733. The average annual property tax was $2,518 and the average annual homeowners insurance was $1,410.

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