Planning a trip can take a lot of work in order to ensure that everything goes smoothly. However, the planning process should not stop when you are done making plans for the actual trip. It is also very important to your home while you are away so that you can relax and enjoy your trip while knowing that everything is safe at home. At Fifteen Alarms in Tennessee, we provide strong home security systems to keep your home and those you love the safest. Your safety is our highest priority, and we work continuously to provide you with top-quality security systems that you can rely on, even if you are away from home. Keep reading to learn more about some of our best tips for securing your home while you are away, and contact us to talk to an expert today!

garage door opener

Disable Your Garage Door Opener

Disabling garage door openers is something that homeowners often overlook. When you disable your garage door opener, you are taking an extra precautionary measure towards the safety of your home. Whether you have a garage door clicker inside your car or you have a keypad on the side of your garage doors, those should be disabled when you leave on a trip. This is because these devices can be easily tampered with in order to open up your garage door. If you are leaving your car near the garage door with the clicker visible, this can also lead to a break-in into your car to open the garage door. On top of disabling your garage door openers, keep them out of sight to avoid potential break-ins. 

man putting up lights

Install Timers on Various Lights Around Your Home

Many homeowners leave lights on inside their homes to give an indication that someone is home. While this can be a good idea, consider installing timers on your lights instead. This way, you are not leaving lights on during the day. Instead, timers can turn these lights on during the nighttime, which is the most important time for them to be on. The timer doesn’t have to be on all of your lights inside your home; choose lights that are visible and are seemingly normal to be on when someone is home, such as a kitchen light, hallway light, or living room light. 

img of a key

Never Leave a Hidden or Emergency Key Outside Your Home

When traveling never leave a key outside of your home. People looking to break into your home are probably aware of the normal places where people hide their keys and depending on where your home is, they may spend extra time looking for your outside key if they don’t find it right away. If you absolutely need a spare key to be around your home, consider asking a family member to hold it for you until you get back. If you need a key to let an animal sitter inside, give the key to that trusted person directly and then physically have it returned when you are back home.

alarm system

Install an Alarm System With Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is becoming increasingly more popular as technology advances. With video surveillance, such as our surveillance and doorbell camera, you can keep your eyes on your home at all times. Video surveillance is also very helpful in the case that something does go wrong and you need recorded proof to see what happened and take further action. 

At Fifteen Alarms, we have many different security systems in which you can find the best ones to fit your needs. Whether you need video surveillance or you are looking for monitored smoke detectors, we have the systems you need to keep your home and family safe. Browse our selection today to find the system you need for a safer environment.