Image of a man looking at a phone

Social media is a great tool to stay in touch with the vast majority of people in your life. It can be used to share memories, current events, and announcements of things to come. Unfortunately, criminals can also utilize these services against people, using the information posted online to help them plan when and where to strike. Here are some common mistakes that you can avoid to ensure your personal security while online.

Image of a woman on her phone at the beachPosting About Vacations 

Everyone has an inclination to share when they are out and about while having a good time. While that is delightful, this sort of constant posting can also inform criminals about when you are out of your house and when the window of opportunity arises for robbery.

Image of three people looking at a phoneSuspicious Questionnaires 

Quite a lot of people take quizzes online every day that range from “What Color are You?” to “Which Superhero Fits Your Personality?” and beyond. Most of these are harmless fun. However, some quizzes and questionnaires sneak in specific questions that seek to gather information that can help scammers get through your online security protections.

Image of a man entering a passwordFrequently Used Passwords

With so many accounts on so many different websites being almost a necessity to function personally and professionally in the modern world, it can be hard to keep track of a plethora of passwords. But, it is important to try to mix them up. Potential scammers could gain access to the entirety of your online life if you use the same password for every account. 

Image of a woman taking a picture of her friend in a nice storePosting Images of Valuables

We all like to show off now and then, especially when we purchase something new and valuable. This isn’t inherently a bad thing! Just keep in mind that when you do this, you could be potentially informing criminals of a new target and risking your home’s security in the process. 

The main message here is that it is important to stay vigilant when it comes to managing your personal security even while you’re online. So many common mistakes are made every day that make it easier for criminals to gather information and commit the crimes that they do.

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