Image of a key in the door

There is nothing more important than the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is safe and guarded from unwanted intruders. Unfortunately, it can be easy to overlook common mistakes that could potentially put you and your loved ones at risk. Here are a few mistakes to avoid when it comes to home security.

Image o f a large box in the trash on the curbCurbside Packaging

The giant new television that you purchased for you and your family is a fantastic addition to your home. But, items like that tend to also come with massive and well-labeled boxes. Be careful when you are disposing of these! Obvious packaging for a nice new TV sitting out on the curb during garbage day is a very public display that you have something of high value for criminals to scope out.

Image of a large TVFlaunting Valuables

When we spend a significant amount of money on something that we are proud of or want to promote, the general inclination is to put it out there for everyone to see. While there is nothing wrong with this conceptually, you should consider the potential draw that this can bring from intruders. We’re not saying to not show off the things that you are proud of, just be cognizant of where and how you are doing so.

Image of someone on their phoneSocial Media Misuse

We all want to post about items that we have purchased, upcoming events, and trips we are taking. Understand that this sort of exposure can also be a guide for those with untoward intentions to take advantage of. Make sure that your privacy settings are up to date and that you aren’t letting strangers know when you’re away in order to ensure your home’s security.

Image of a security cameraDaytime Security

While break-ins happen often during the night because of the obvious advantages to sneak around in the dark, you shouldn’t underestimate the opportunities that invaders take during daytime hours. They know that many people work 9-5 jobs which leaves a giant window of opportunity for them to have unfettered access to your home. Make sure everything is secure before you head out for the day.

At Fifteen Alarms, our main priority is ensuring that our customers and those that they care about feel safe and secure in their environment. We want you to have the knowledge necessary to keep your home secure with our help.

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