Residents here in Southwind trust Fifteen Alarms with their home and commercial security solutions. Why? Well, we provide comprehensive, completely customizable security services, so that you can get the coverage that you demand at the price you want. Beyond that, we strive to provide cutting-edge connectivity to our clients, not only making their homes and buildings safe, but building in convenience through smart device connectivity. Withe Fifteen Alarms, you can control your security system, your door locks, your thermostat, and more, all remotely, all from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Plus, we never lock folks into a contract. Simply sign up for services as you need, pay month to month, and opt out whenever you’d like — no hassles, no commitment. Oh, and did we mention — we can provide security monitoring for your current security system if you already have one installed? That means even more convenience and savings!

If you’d like to find out more about our security systems and integrated smart-device controls, feel free to continue reading or reach out to us with your questions — we’re here to help. In addition, you can get a free quote for your security system installation right away, or enroll in one of our no-contract security plans.

Our Affordable, No-Contract Security Plans

As we mentioned, we don’t force folks to sign up for long-term contracts — simply pay as you go for the plan that you desire. You can even customize your plan depending on the features and gadgets that you’d like to use. That said, we have three standard security plans that may interest you. Learn more about our Landline Plan, our Wireless Plan, and our Smart Home Plan below.

Landline Service Plan

As the name suggests, our most basic plan operates off of your landline. We’ll hook up your security system to monitor door and window latches all through your landline. We provide 24/7 monitoring for intrusions, and we offer fire and carbon monoxide detection monitoring to give you even greater protection from dangers that might otherwise go unnoticed. Again, we can work with your current security system (if you already have one installed), or we can install a new system and then provide round-the-clock monitoring. Our Landline Service Plans start at $15 per month.

Wireless Security Plan

A step up from our Landline Plan, our Wireless Security Plan operates through an integrated cellular connection, so you don’t have to worry about losing connection, even if your landline should go down. Like our previous plan, we provide complete security, fire, and carbon monoxide monitoring protection. Plus, we offer access to our mobile app which enables remote access to control and monitor your own system via your smart devices. Our Wireless Security Plan starts at $25 per month. 

Smart Home Plan

Our final base plan is our Smart Home Plan, which includes all of the features of our Wireless Plan, and then some. We can install a variety of additional devices to improve the security, control, and convenience of your home through our Smart Home Plan. View a live video feed from security cameras. Or interact with visitors at your front doorstep with our two-way voice and video doorbell. Lock and unlock your doors with smart locks. And control the temperature, lighting, and other fixtures of your home — all remotely! Our Smart Home Plan starts at $35 per month.

Our Home Security Features

While other home security providers simply provide monitoring services, we go above and beyond to ensure that your home is secure, your system is convenient, and our services are affordable and flexible. Here are a few of the many security and convenience features of our plans.

Contract-free plans: We understand that your needs change. If you’re planning on moving, you’re taking an extended vacation, or you’d like to downgrade your coverage for a while, we understand. Feel free to opt in or out of your security plan at any time — no questions asked!

Use your existing security system: Security system installations can be expensive. And we don’t want to be wasteful by pulling out your old system if we don’t have to. That’s why we provide monitoring coverage for your existing system. If you’re happy with your home’s security system, but your fed up with your monitoring provider, we’d be ecstatic to provide monitoring coverage through your current security system.

Installs as well as surveillance: Here at Fifteen Alarms, we do it all. Make one call to get full service for your home, from installation to continual monitoring to customer support. You’ll only need to keep one number stored in your phone: ours!

Intrusion monitoring: Home security is all about intrusion monitoring, and that’s our bread and butter. Our systems monitor weak points throughout your home, alerting us if there should be an intrusion attempt. As a local security provider, we’ll act immediately to ensure that your family is safe.

Video doorbell: Install a video doorbell to monitor your front (and/or back) door. You’ll be able to see who’s at the door, and you can interact with visitors via two-way communication from your smartphone or another smart device. Plus, if you install remote door locks, you can let guests into your home, or secure your home if you forgot to lock the door.

Fire and smoke protection: Fires can go unnoticed if you’re asleep, if you’re in another room, or if you’re away from the home. Fortunately, we can constantly monitor your fire alarms to ensure that there’s a swift reaction should the worst happen.

Carbon monoxide monitoring: Carbon monoxide is a silent hazard, and it can build to dangerous levels in your house. Count on us to monitor your home for carbon monoxide. We’ll act if your carbon monoxide detector is triggered.

Remote system access: All of our many features may be accessed remotely, so that you can constantly monitor and control the systems and gadgets of your home. View live feeds from your security devices and interact with control equipment, all from the convenience of your smartphone or other smart devices.

Secure video surveillance: Opt to install cameras for added security coverage. And view a live feed from any camera through your smartphone. We can also provide remote recording, so that you capture any activity covered by your home’s cameras.

Equipment Options

If you need a new security system installed, we’d be happy to provide. We’ve partnered with Honeywell to provide cutting-edge security networks and monitoring equipment. Install a new system or upgrade your old system with Fifteen Alarms.

Our Honeywell Security Systems

We offer a variety of security systems and panels. From the door contacts to remote control fobs to control panels, we can install the security system that meets your demands. We’ll help you to find the best security system to fit your home and your security needs.

Retrofit Your Current System

Again, you can retrofit your current system with upgrades to improve the security and convenience of your home. Upgrade to a full-home automation system. Or opt to use a digital cellular monitoring line instead of a landline. With Fifteen Alarms, you can customize your plan and devices however you’d like, regardless of the security system that you already have.

Protect Your Home Today!

If you’re ready to ensure that your home is safe and secure, we’re eager to help. Count on Southwind’s local, trusted security service providers here at Fifteen Alarms, and get the peace of mind that you desire. Feel free to get a free quote for your security system installation today, and take a look at our no-contract security plans.