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It can be tempting to save money and install fake security cameras on your Memphis home. But what are you accomplishing by using fake cameras? Do you want to deter criminals from targeting your home? Although a fake security camera may make criminals think twice, they will also take measures to hide their identity, choose a different entry point, or work to discover that your system doesn’t work.

Along the same thought process, some homeowners think that a “beware of dog” sign on the fence, large muddy boots outside the front door, or porch lights also deter criminals. In some cases, this does help. However, what happens when it doesn’t? How do you protect your family from a burglar with a fake camera? You can report the incident to the proper authorities, but that’s all you can deliver.

In this post, Fifteen Alarms will take the time to tell you why fake cameras don’t work as well as real security cameras. We’ll also share some benefits to installing a full home security system. If you’re ready to get real with your home security, give us a call today — we provide service throughout Memphis, Bartlett, Cordova, Lakeland, Southwind, Germantown, Whitehaven, and Arlington. Otherwise, read on to learn more.

Why Real Home Security Cameras Are Important

Let’s be honest. A fake camera is a trick. It’s meant to deceive the deceitful into believing something that’s not true. Although the amateur burglar may fall for the trick, just as many veteran thieves will spot your fake cameras within minutes of observation from a dark shadow nearby. When this trick fails, what is left to protect your home and family? Here’s how fake cameras don’t help you:

Fake cameras are unable to provide real data.

We’re talking a recording of what actually happened on your front porch while the criminal was breaking into your home. Real security cameras offer two benefits. First, they offer you an account of what actually happened, and second, you will have evidence to give the police, increasing their chances of catching the criminal.

Consider an everyday example. With a real camera and a home security system, someone can walk up to your front door, whether it be a delivery person, salesman, or a criminal, and you will be notified of their presence via your app. You can then talk to them through your doorbell mic, watch them engage with your home, or call the police. If you had a fake camera in this situation, you would be oblivious that a package was delivered, a salesman knocked on your door, or a criminal attempted to break-in.

Fake cameras can’t help catch a criminal.

Continuing with the example above, let’s say the visitor in the middle of the day to your home is a criminal with the intent to break into your home. They successfully break into your home, but you have a home security system, including cameras, alerts, and various other security measures. It seems the criminal is a veteran at this, and they bypass the security measures at your front door. Once inside, they take as many electronics as they can carry and vacate your home, leaving the front door ajar.

If you had a fake camera setup in this situation, you would come home to an open door and thousands of dollars of items stolen from your residence. A real home surveillance and monitoring system would have alerted you the moment the individual got close enough to your home. It would have also alerted your professional security team that the front door was breached. Furthermore, the police would have been called, and may have been able to catch the individual before they left the home or neighborhood.

Fake cameras allow criminals to get away with burglary, theft, and damage, whether it’s at your home or your neighbor’s.

Fake cameras do not send alerts to security system professionals.

As mentioned in the example above, no alert or notification would have been sent to you, your security professional, or the police once your home had been broken into. This means that if you don’t install a proper home monitoring and surveillance system after a break-in event, the criminal will most likely target your home again.

A real camera would have recorded the break-in, the system it’s connected to would have alerted the proper people, and the crime would have been, at the very least, brought to police attention. In a large majority of cases, a home security system deters criminal activity related to property crimes. Criminals are looking for easy opportunities. The mere fact that you have a security sign in the yard, real cameras watching the perimeter of your home, and decals on the windows means you’ve taken the proper practice approach to crime prevention.

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