Homeowner arming a security system.

Do you want to ensure 24/7 safety for your family and home? If yes, you need to have an alarm system present. But, don’t just get an alarm system; use a quality one from reputable brands.

Fifteen Alarms provides quality alarm services to families in Memphis, TN, and helps ensure maximum home security. Some of the services we provide include installing landlines, wireless security, and smart home alarm systems.

We always insist that our clients use quality systems because:

They Can Withstand Power Fluctuations

Faulty alarm systems do not provide the best results when you experience power fluctuations. Unfortunately, this leaves your family and home vulnerable during these times.

Get a quality system that has a battery back up to support it. These machines also work for hours during power outages, and this reduces security risks.

Fifteen Alarms team identifies and recommends the best systems when it comes to power support. We also offer three main home monitoring plans to improve your home security systems.

Minimal Occurrences of False Alarms

Low-quality house alarm systems tend to pick up false signals and cause inconveniences. As a result, the US emergency departments lose millions of dollars annually due to false alarm triggers.

Having a quality alarm system reduces the occurrence of such incidences through home surveillance. Furthermore, you do not have to pay the emergency response for the inconveniences caused by doing this.

It Is Easier to Update Quality Alarm Systems

The responsible alarm manufacturers release software updates to help pick signals and interpret them effectively. This makes the system efficient and more reliable.

There are many software updates that we can install in your alarm system. Our team helps restrict home access to specific members and also updates the system’s database. All these measures lead to better device sensing and recognition.

They Are Warranty-Backed

Quality alarm system manufacturers are confident in their products and offer customers warranties. However, there are instances where an emergency occurs, and the alarm system does not go off. Later, it is discovered that the machine was faulty.

As you buy any alarm equipment, ensure it is from a trusted source and use a certified vendor to install. Fifteen Alarms provide proper installation of your machines and that they are working to their optimal capacity.


Having a quality alarm system saves you money and reduces home security risks. It also protects you from frequent false alarms. Ensure that you purchase from a reputable vendor. Contact Fifteen Alarms and have them inspect, install and update your machines. We offer our services in Memphis, TN. Call us today to get a free quote.