Remote Home Security App

If you’re considering a security system, we have numerous options, so that we can cater to your desires as well as your wallet.

However, we often urge our clients to consider installing a wireless security system instead of a landline system. These systems simply outperform other home security systems, providing more protection and more versatility. But the benefits of a wireless security system don’t stop there. These systems also provide all of the following benefits:

Wireless Is More Secure

This is the biggest one on the list — wireless security systems are more secure than other systems. Why? Well, cellular based systems are faster, and more reliable than other systems. Pus, an intruder can’t cut a cable to dismantle your security system — it’s not hard-lined to a phone line.

Wireless systems are reliable and they work through a unique, secure cell connection. Plus, you can have your security system backed up with a battery in case the electricity goes out in your home. In these ways, your wireless security system is independent and can’t be tampered with. Intruders can’t shut down your security system if they’re planning a break-in.

Installation Is a Snap

Fifteen Alarms makes installation simple; plus, we can upgrade your current system if you’d simply like to switch service providers, or if you’d like to build on top of your current security system. That means a speedier turnaround time, more versatile security options, more affordability, and less annoyance for you and your family — we’ll get out of your hair as fast as possible, so you can go back to your day to day.

Faster Response Time

Wireless security systems are just as fast as wired security systems. However, wireless systems are better in that we can help you to locate issues or security threats. Thanks to the tech behind our wireless systems, we can analyze your security system and its status remotely, and we can provide live support, even without a technician on site. Response time for security issues is nearly instantaneous.

Your Old System Can Be Updated

If you’re thinking about updating an old security system, we can make that possible. Switch to Fifteen Alarms for better rates with no contractual obligation to continue your security services. And upgrade your system to add more security to your home. Instead of starting from scratch with a brand new security system, we can improve your current system at a fraction of the cost.

Add Tech at Any Time

As we mentioned, your system can be upgraded. If, for example, you have security alarm devices on your doors, but not the windows throughout your home, we can install those devices to give you added protection.

Versatile Applications

Our wireless security systems don’t just provide security, they provide convenience as well. You can add door lock devices, lighting systems, climate control devices, fire detection alarms, and carbon monoxide alarms to your system. Best of all, you can view and control these systems (and your security system) remotely, all through a smart device. Talk about versatility!

Whole-Home Protection Starts With Fifteen Alarms

Home protection is invaluable, yet it’s affordable when you work with Fifteen Alarms. Count on us to upgrade or install a security system in your home. We provide a variety of security plans, including landline plans, wireless security, and smart device wireless security (as you may have guessed, we recommend the latter). If you’re curious about our home security systems or plans, or if you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We provide security solutions for homeowners throughout Memphis, Bartlett, Cordova, Lakeland, Southwind, Germantown, Whitehaven, and Arlington.