Secure Deadbolt

Nobody wants to think that their home is vulnerable to burglary. But crime exists, even in the safest neighborhoods.

It’s simply a matter of luck whether your home becomes the victim of a break-in, and you never know when you could be the target for theft. Fortunately, home security technology has grown in leaps and bounds, and there are modern solutions to this long-existing problem. Plus, with a bit of precaution, you can avoid a break-in altogether. To attain full-home security, it’s important to utilize devices that outsmart burglars, and it’s just as important to be wary of your home’s weakest security points. Today, we’re going to talk about the latter portion of the equation. Let’s take a look at your home’s most vulnerable entry points, and let’s delve into solutions that you can employ to keep intruders out. As always, you can count on Fifteen Alarms of Memphis to protect your home — we serve folks throughout Memphis, Bartlett, Cordova, Lakeland, Southwind, Germantown, Whitehaven, and Arlington.

Your Home’s Most Vulnerable Points of Entry

Assessing the most vulnerable points of your home is fairly simple. After all, there are only so many ways that a burglar can enter a home — namely, the doors and windows of the house. But which points of entry are the most vulnerable? How do burglars most often break into homes? Here are the most common break-in entry points:

  • Your Abode’s Front Door: While it may seem surprising that a burglar would waltz in through the front door of your home, it’s actually the most statistically popular point of entry. About one third of all break-in crimes happen at the front door. Now, that makes sense, since plenty of homes, condos, and apartments have one or two doors. In addition, the front door usually provides the speediest and most accessible entry point into your home, even if it’s more exposed than other points of entry. Skip to the next section for solutions to keep your front door secure.
  • Rear Entries and Side Doors: Next on the list, we have side and rear-entry doors. Burglars often target doors in general since locks can be easy to pick, and doors can be easy to kick down. Plus, it’s far easier to burgle large items through a doorway than a window. Be particularly wary of doors around your home that are out of view from the public. Intruders take advantage of private doors that won’t be seen by passersby. Side and rear doors are often less sturdy than front doors, and sliding doors can be especially easy to break into.
  • Attached Garage Doors: Burglars take advantage of attached garages in about one out of every ten robberies. Why? Well, for the same reasons that they may enter rear and side-entry doors. Garages often have a side door that’s hidden from the street, and these doors may be weaker than the front door (or they may be left unlocked altogether). That’s why burglars often view the garage as the weakest and easiest point of entry.
  • Primary Floor Windows: Windows simply aren’t impenetrable. In fact, most windows are quite susceptible to a break-in. Often, burglars don’t even have to break the glass of a window; they simply pry it open. Be wary of windows around your house that are easily accessible from the ground. And be doubly wary of windows that open and close. If you have windows that pivot on hinges (like a door), or windows that slide open. Burglars can pry these window types open without breaking the glass.

  • Other Windows: Finally, all other windows in your home can serve as a point of entry. A burglar can grab a latter and make their way into a second-story window. Or, they can find their way into a basement window. While these types of break-ins are rare, they do happen, so it’s best to invest in security devices for the whole house.

What You Can Do to Keep Strangers Out

Now that you know the weakest points in your home, let’s talk solutions. First and foremost, it’s wise to invest in a home security system to monitor all of the entry points in your home. Here at Fifteen Alarms, we provide a variety of home security systems to folks in the Memphis area. We even provide security system swaps, upgrades, and wireless integration with existing security systems. Trust us, we have you covered. On top of our security systems and service, you can protect all those weak entry points with these tips:

  • Protecting the Front Door: Your front door should be solid, well-built, and backed by a security device. Make sure that you have a sturdy door. Opt for a heavy wood door, or a metal door. Also, invest in a sturdy strike plate that will prevent burglars from busting in. For locks, you should have at least a deadbolt. Chain locks can help, although they’re rather weak, and they’re only designed to keep the door locked if you have to talk to a stranger (burglars can bust through chain locks easily). Install a door alarm to notify you, your security system providers, and the police of a break-in. Also, invest in a camera system, or, at the very least, a motion detector with a light. It’s also a smart idea to keep a security system sign on display in your front yard or somewhere where it’s highly visible. These signs tell burglars: don’t even think about it.
  • Protecting the Rear Entries and Side Doors: Install beefy doors throughout your home, and make sure they’re outfitted with deadbolts. If you have sliding doors, use a metal rod or a wood dowel to keep the door jammed shut from the inside. Sliding doors should also have a strong metal frame and a deep track to keep burglars from lifting and removing the doors. If your doors are made of glass, invest in a security system that can detect glass breakage. If an intruder throws a brick through the glass, a strong deadbolt won’t matter. Once again, consider installing motion detectors or security cameras to further deter thieves. And of course, invest in a whole-home security system that detects break-ins.
  • Protecting the Attached Garage: Don’t forget to connect that home security system to doors that attach to your garage. These doors are just as susceptible as the rest of the doors around your home, and should be treated as such. In addition, be wary that your garage door (the big door for your car), can be an entry point as well. Most modern, mechanized garage doors are pretty difficult to break into, but burglars can program remotes to trigger your garage door. Check your garage door manual and peruse online to see if your garage door is secure against remote access. If you have a non-mechanized garage door (one that you open by manually lifting the door), then the lock should be strong. Also, make sure that these doors are hooked up to a home security system. A burglar can use a car jack or another device to pry the door open, even if it’s locked. Installing a motion sensor or a camera is a good idea.
  • Protecting All Those Windows: Be wary of any window that’s large enough for a human to squeeze through. Link these windows to a home security system. Consider investing in glass breakage alarms for your largest, most accessible windows. And make sure that windows that open have solid frames and locking devices. Remember that burglars can even break through windows that are near a door in order to open that door. Yet again, installing a motion sensor or a camera can deter break-ins.

Affordable, Comprehensive Protection From Fifteen Alarms

Home protection starts with Fifteen Alarms. We provide affordable security systems with unparalleled customer service. We also work with a variety of security system providers, so you can pick a system that works for your home. Plus, our solutions don’t stop there — if you currently have a security system in your home, we can integrate our security services with your current system, or we can upgrade or replace your system at low cost. Take a look at our security system equipment packages, and learn about the unique features of our unbeatable, completely affordable security plans. Get in touch with us for unparalleled home protection if you live in Memphis or the surrounding area. Again, we provide home security solutions throughout Memphis, Bartlett, Cordova, Lakeland, Southwind, Germantown, Whitehaven, and Arlington.