Man stealing a package off of a porch.

There are many advantages to having a security system in your home. However, as a resident of Memphis, TN, there are potential home security risks that can befall your family and property at any time.

Having home alarm systems reduces these risks by over 50%. Ensure that you get quality machines and use reputable vendors for installation. Fifteen Alarms helps with installation and upgrading already existing security systems.

A home security system offers the following benefits:

Protects Your Family

Most homes have an alarm system to ensure the safety of their family and property. These systems restrict entry to intruders who might cause harm.

In case of break-ins, the system triggers an alarm, and this alerts the police. If you are at work, the system provides security to your kids and pets.

Also, Fifteen Alarms upgrades the systems to allow them to detect environmental dangers. For example, your alarm system goes off when it detects a fire, gas leakages, and many other signals. This allows you to evacuate your family to safety.

Reduces Insurance Costs

Homeowners with alarm systems installed pay fewer coverage costs and enjoy various discounts. For example, statistics show that having quality security systems saves you 20% of the insurance money.

Renters also benefit from security systems as they reduce the renter’s insurance costs. Fifteen Alarms team upgrades these systems. We program the machines to directly contact emergency services during a fire, gas, and other outbreaks. The fast response then reduces the damage and repair costs.

Gives You Peace of Mind

One gets peace of mind when they know that an alarm system is watching over the family and property 24/7. You become confident that they are safe from burglars and environmental dangers. This reduces worries, and you can spend more time at work focused.

You will also enjoy vacations with your family and worry less when going on business trips.

Monitors Your Kids

Fifteen Alarms integrates house alarm systems to make them offer remote services. This way, you ensure home monitoring of your kids when playing and anytime you are not around.

All you have to do is log into your system. Remote access gives you peace of mind as you have proof that the kids are safe.

It is also easy to request medical assistance through the system.


Nowadays, an alarm system is a necessity because we never know when dangers occur. These systems protect your home and property even when absent. Fifteen Alarms ensures that residents of Memphis, TN have safe and reliable home surveillance.