Integrated Home Network

Home security may be something you look past as you lock your doors at night and when you leave, but plays an incredibly important role in the protection of your home and family. Home security goes past just locking doors, and can be enhanced with an upgraded security system. It can give  you the peace of mind knowing that your family and home are safe, even if you aren’t home. With Fifteen Alarms, we work with any pre-existing security system to upgrade it and enhance your home or commercial security system. Unlike other companies, we offer no contracts, have very low rates, and high quality products. We have been serving Tennessee and the Memphis area for 20 years — including Metro Memphis, Bartlett, Cordova, Lakeland, Southwind, Germantown, Whitehaven, and Arlington. So, if you need a bit more push to upgrade your home security system, let’s explore some valuable reasons to do so.

Your Security System Is Outdated

If you have an older security system, there is a high chance that your system is outdated. If you notice that your alarm just goes off for no reason, or you have problems with turning it on and off, then your system may need an upgrade. Furthermore, your system is probably outdated if you don’t have wireless capabilities. With everyone owning cell phones, why shouldn’t you have wireless capabilities to operate your home or commercial security system from wherever you may be? Well, upgrading your system with Fifteen Alarms can give  you the wireless home security capabilities that are common in our digital age and allow you to enhance your home security. Also, you can even have a remote door lock in case you are running out the door to get your kid to school and forget to lock the door. Upgraded security systems allows for enhanced security and overall better protection for your home and it’s valuables.

Back Up

Upgrading your security system gives you more backup, which also results in better peace of mind. Our basic package includes a backup battery, so you won’t have to hear your security system regularly alert you to put in new batteries. This provides necessary backup for you to accommodate your constantly busy life. Furthermore, there is a 1 year warranty on the equipment and labor. So if you feel as if your new, upgraded security system may have some bugs, don’t sweat. Contact Fifteen Alarms and we will get it fixed and up-and-running again.

Remote Surveillance

If you wish you could watch your home remotely, an upgrade can provide this benefit for you. With the improvement in technology, your phone can wirelessly connect with the security service. This can help us if you have left the house and forgot to put the alarm on, or even if you need to put the alarm off so your maintenance or handyman can get in without you having to interrupt your day to do so. The remote surveillance also allows you to get alerts if there has been an intrusion, so you are not left in the dark to find out about this later.

Equipment Upgrades

Not only can you upgrade your home security system, but you can upgrade other aspects of your home with the equipment available. Forgot to lock your door before leaving? Let the electronic wireless door locks do the job for you. Or worried that you left your A/C on, though you’re not going to be home for a few days? A Smart Thermostat allows you to adjust the temperature of your home with a click of a button and save energy by the ability to have control over it.

Fifteen Alarms Does It Affordably and Effectively

At Fifteen Alarms, it’s almost a no-brainer to upgrade your home or commercial security system with us. We offer low, affordable rates that allow you to get the home security system you want, without having to break the bank. We also, unlike other security system companies, do not require a long-term contract. Other security companies require long-term contracts with their equipment. These have high monthly fees with mediocre service. With Fifteen Alarms, we require no long-term contract, offer professional installation, with the highest quality monitoring and low monthly fees. Also, our monitoring system works with any pre-existing security systems, so you won’t have to worry about having to install a whole new system. Furthermore, Fifteen Alarms also allows you to have wireless capabilities, making home security a part of the digital age and more convenient for users.

Don’t wait to upgrade your security system. The benefits are clear, and with Fifteen Alarms, it’s easier than ever. We have been working with the Memphis, Tennessee area for 20 years and are ready to upgrade your home with the finest security system features. Again, we provide home security solutions throughout Memphis, Bartlett, Cordova, Lakeland, Southwind, Germantown, Whitehaven, and Arlington. Contact us today for a free quote on an upgraded home or commercial security system!