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You and millions of other homeowners across the United States view their home as a safe haven, a castle, their personal oasis. It’s not often that you or any of the other homeowners feel uneasy about being home, alone, and with the lights off before bed. But what kind of toll does a property crime like burglary, theft, or damage do to how you feel about being home? Do you have any control over whether or not a criminal targets your home for any of the above-listed crimes? Frankly, you don’t have control over the criminal’s choice, but you can influence it heavily. When on average one in 17 homes out of every 1,000 experience a property crime in Memphis (according to Neighborhood Scout), it’s time you took home security seriously.

In this post, we’ll be sharing the five benefits to installing a home security system for your Memphis home. At Fifteen Alarms, we’re dedicated to offering the lowest rates, no contracts, and the latest technology to keep your family safe. You can review our alarm system features now, or read this post to learn more!

Five Benefits of a Home Security System

Realizing that your home isn’t as safe as you thought it could be is tough. It’s a shock in most cases. So what can you do to better secure your home and protect your family? Install home monitoring and surveillance! Here are the five benefits:

Benefit #1 – Everyday Security Risk Alerts

Most criminals approach property crime from an opportunistic perspective. When are you not home? How easy is it to access a secluded or hidden entrance? Are the available entrances easy to break into via glass or another material? Will neighbors or other passersby witness the break-in? A garage door that’s left open, a back door left ajar, or a window left unlatched are all opportunities for gaining access into your home.

A home security system from Fifteen Alarms will automatically alert you to your garage door being open for too long, your back door not being locked, and your unlatched window. Furthermore, the alarm system will let you know when abnormal activity occurs at your home. For example, you’re at work from nine to five, and your front door is broken into. Your home monitoring system will alert you to this abnormality.

Benefit #2 – Home Security Systems Deter Crime

A large majority of criminals, unless they’re desperate or deem the risk acceptable, will avoid Memphis homes that have a security system installed. How do you increase the odds your house is skipped the next time a criminal is making the decision to break-in? Post signs in the yard, decals on all accessible windows, and a notice on your front door. It isn’t enough to “hide” the system in order to catch the criminal. No, you want to communicate to them that you are prepared, and they will be reported to the proper authorities if they make an attempt.

Benefit #3 – Alarm Security Systems Alert Authorities Automatically

If a criminal does break into your home, a trained security professional will assess the alert from your home monitoring system and contact the proper authorities immediately. You will be alerted through the app on your phone or a direct phone call from the security professional. What’s more, the criminal may attempt to disable your system through the control panel, but the moment the security system is breached, the home monitoring system sends an alert to the security professional.

Benefit #4 – Help Police Identify the Criminal

It’s common for burglars and thieves to return to the same neighborhoods they’ve had success in committing past crimes. This is because there is opportunity to commit more crimes without getting caught. A home surveillance system records what’s going on inside and outside of your home, which allows for the potential identification of the criminal. The video can be given to the police to study and determine who actually broke in to your home. Furthermore, you can check your surveillance system from your phone, which makes it easy to check on your home from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Benefit #5 – A Home Security System Helps Protect the Neighborhood

You may be wondering why your home security system would protect your neighbors’ homes. It’s a fair concern. Does your security system deter criminals and send them onto your neighbors’ houses? A study from Rutgers shows that as the number of registered of home burglar alarms in a neighborhood increased the number of burglaries decreased. Furthermore, the neighborhoods that had a higher density of burglar alarms experienced a significantly reduced number of burglaries overall.

What does this tell you and your Memphis neighborhood? Call Fifteen Alarms today! We will work with you to install a home security system for your Memphis home. Talk to your neighbors. Share the Rutgers study with them. Make the point that if everyone has a home monitoring system installed, the entire neighborhood will benefit.

Your Local 24/7 Home Security Company

At Fifteen Alarms, we believe that every single family should have access to proper security for their home. It’s no longer viable to hope that a criminal doesn’t choose your beautiful home as their next target. Our unmatched low rates and no contract commitments make us the best home surveillance and monitoring company in the Memphis area. Are you ready to secure your home and protect your family? Give us a call today for a hassle-free quote and your first month of service for free! We provide service throughout Memphis, Bartlett, Cordova, Lakeland, Southwind, Germantown, Whitehaven, and Arlington.