Package at Doorstep

It’s relatively easy to shop online. It’s just as easy to make a purchase through an online store. Once the purchase is confirmed, however, the tough part begins: the wait.

It can be excruciating to go about your life until the new gadget, piece of clothing, or car part arrives. Once your new purchase does arrive, the fun begins. You get a notification that the delivery has been made, and that your new item will be waiting for you at home.

As you pull into the driveway, you’re excited. You can barely hold the joy back. You’re like a small child waiting in line at a candy store — in less than a minute, you get to eat your favorite treat. Dashing from your car, you hurry up the sidewalk. You expect to see a brown box leaning up against your front door. But it’s not there.

You get a sinking feeling in your stomach. Maybe the delivery person left it elsewhere? Maybe a neighbor grabbed it for safekeeping? What if the package was small enough to fit into the mailbox?

You hurry out to the street and check the box. Nothing. Frantic, you check your email, and it shows your package as delivered at 3 PM today. But as you look across your front yard at the front door again, the package isn’t there.

The uncomfortable thought slips into your mind. You push it away at first, but it’s too prominent to ignore. Did a thief steal your package?

How to Deter Package Theft

At Fifteen Alarms of Memphis, we understand that it’s frustrating to order something online, have it delivered to your home, and then expect it to be there when you get home. But when it’s not on your front porch, you feel emotions like anger, fear, doubt, and more. If you don’t have a home security system, it may be time to get one installed. You shouldn’t have to worry about your belongings being stolen off your front porch. Advanced technology allows you as a homeowner to control every single step of the purchasing, shipping, and delivering process. A home security system offers you the ability to accept your package from anywhere with an internet connection through your mobile app. Here’s how:

Verify the Delivery Person

Doorbell cameras answer the question, “Who’s at my door?” You don’t have to open your door not knowing who is on the other side of it. This is especially true when a package is being delivered while you’re not home.

Once the delivery person rings your doorbell, your home monitoring system will notify you of the occurrence, and if you’re available, you can view the delivery in real time with your installed security cameras. You can also, if you have this feature, talk to the delivery person through a doorbell microphone. If you’re not available, you can watch the feed to see where your package was left during delivery. Furthermore, if you have motion sensors installed, you can get alerts if a thief gets close enough to your home, recording their actions.

Direct Delivery Options

Advanced home security systems allow you to give access to your home to someone from anywhere you have an internet connection. This means that when the delivery is being made, you can talk to the delivery person, requesting if they can leave the package just inside your door. You can unlock your front door remotely, wait for them to drop the package inside, and then lock the door as they return to their vehicle. Smart lock technology is simple, easy, and highly effective.

Secure Your Front Door

With control comes responsibility. You want to make sure that if you give access to your home to anyone, you secure your door after they’re finished. Through a home monitoring and surveillance system, you can view, grant access, and secure your home all from an app on your phone.

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