Homeowners and business owners throughout Germantown trust Fifteen Alarms with their security solutions. Why? Well we go above and beyond to provide unparalleled coverage and convenience, all at low, affordable rates. Plus, when you choose to work with Fifteen Alarms, you don’t have to sign up for a long-term contract, simply pay as you’d like. In addition, we install new security systems or we can work with your old security system, providing monitoring services and upgrading the system as you see fit. Still not convinced that we’re the best security service provider here in Germantown? Then keep reading or reach out to us to learn more about our security plans. You can also get a free quote for your security system installation, or enroll in one of our no-contract security plans.

Our Affordable, No-Contract Security Plans

We offer a variety of standard security plans, and you can customize your plan with various devices and services. All of our plans are no-contract, so you can pay month to month and opt in or out as you’d like. Learn about our base Landline Plan, Wireless Plan, and Smart Home Plan below.

Landline Service Plan

Operating off of your landline, this security plan provides simple, affordable coverage for your home. We monitor window and door contacts via the control system which is integrated with your phone line. As is true with all of our security services, we provide 24/7 monitoring and we’ll react immediately if an alarm is triggered. Our Landline Service Plan starts at $15 per month.

Wireless Security Plan

Our Wireless Security Plan provides the same coverage as our Landline Plan, however it relies on a cellular connection, ensuring that you still have coverage even if your landline goes out (or if you don’t have a landline to start with!). Beyond that, our Wireless Plan gives you access to our app, so that you can remotely control and monitor your home. Our Wireless Service Plan starts at $25 per month.

Smart Home Plan

Our Smart Home Plan goes above and beyond the features of the Wireless Plan. Of course, you’ll still have 24/7 monitoring and access to our app. Plus, with the Smart Home Plan, you can enjoy live video surveillance, two-way voice communication through the Ring doorbell, remote door lock control, as well as lighting and climate control, all from your smart devices. You’ll enjoy unparalleled protection and convenience with this plan. Our Smart Home Service Plan starts at $35 per month.

Our Home Security Features

With Fifteen Alarms, you’ll enjoy a litany of features from our security systems and monitoring services. You can enjoy all of the following features when you opt into our home security plans.

Contract-free plans: Again, you can opt in and opt out of your security monitoring plan whenever you’d like. Whether you’re going on vacation or moving to a new home, you won’t have to worry about overpaying by cutting your coverage short.

Use your existing security system: Don’t waste money on a new security system if you’re content with your current system. Simply have the folks here at Fifteen Alarms take over the security monitoring for your system to ensure that your home is protected. You can even upgrade your system with additional equipment to improve the security and convenience of your system!

Installs as well as surveillance: You’ll only need one number for everything from system installations to monitoring to customer support. Fifteen Alarms provides all of the services that you’ll need, from start to finish!

Intrusion monitoring: If a break-in attempt should happen on your property, we’ll act swiftly to provide protection. We constantly monitor your security network, and we’ll react to any triggered alarms so that your home and family are protected.

Video doorbell: Combining protection with convenience, our video doorbell installations enable you to see visitors as they approach your home. View a live feed at your front (and/or back) door! You can even interact with those at your doorstep through two-way voice communication.

Fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide protection: Our monitoring services don’t stop at intrusion monitoring. We’ll keep an eye out for fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide hazards. We can hook up your fire alarms and carbon monoxide detector to our security system for added protection.

Remote system access: Access your security system and additional features on your network (like climate control and remote locks) all from the convenience of your smartphone or smart device.

Secure video surveillance: If you’d like, we’d be happy to install cameras throughout your property to provide a live feed that you can access through your smart devices. Plus, we can record video footage, in case something should happen on camera.

Equipment Options

We’ve partnered with Honeywell to provide premier security networks and equipment. Plus, as we’ve mentioned, you can upgrade your existing system with added features and fixtures for the amount of control and security that you demand.

Our Honeywell Security Systems

Honeywell manufacturers a variety of home and business security systems, including innovative panels, door and window contacts, key fobs, and other features that seamlessly integrate with your property to provide unbeatable security. We can help you find the right equipment to suit your needs, and we’d be happy to install the system as well as provide continual, round-the-clock monitoring.

Retrofit Your Current System

If you already have a security system, you can still enjoy our equipment add-ons. Retrofit your current system with video surveillance, the Ring doorbell, remote locks, you name it. We can install and integrate numerous devices with your current security system, so that you enjoy more control and convenience.

Protect Your Home Today!

Breathe easy with peace of mind provided by Fifteen Alarms. We proudly serve folks throughout Germantown with our home and business security solutions, and we’d be ecstatic to provide the protection and coverage that you demand. Feel free to get started with a free quote for your security system installation, or take a closer look at our no-contract security plans.