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It can be tough to choose the best home security system for your Memphis home. With one in 17 properties being targeted for crimes like burglary, theft, or damage, it’s imperative that you find the perfect home monitoring system to protect your family. You will want to answer questions like:

  • Which is the best brand?
  • Should I hire a professional installer?
  • Are all home security systems the same?
  • What home security company fits my needs best?
  • Do I install a new system or allow a company to install?

At Fifteen Alarms, we take the safety of Memphis residents seriously. We’re dedicated to our mission that every family in Memphis should have access to a 24/7 home monitoring system. It’s not enough to hope that your door locks and window latches will keep a burglar out. You need to be proactive when it comes to protecting your family and ensuring their safety.

In this post, we’ll share seven big questions to ask while searching for the best home security system company in Memphis. If you’re ready to discuss alarm installation or security system integration, give us a call today — we offer coverage throughout Memphis, Bartlett, Cordova, Lakeland, Southwind, Germantown, Whitehaven, and Arlington. Now let’s delve into those all-important questions!

Seven Questions to Ask Home Security Companies

Not all home monitoring and surveillance companies are created equal. There are pros and cons with each company. Whether you need a complete installation or a comprehensive integration, consider asking these seven questions:

Does the system include professional monitoring?

One of the, if not the most, important questions to ask any home security company you decide to work with is if they offer 24/7 professional monitoring. Why is this important? If your home is targeted and broken into, a monitoring system will send a signal to a station where a professional will assess the situation and notify the proper authorities. Not only will they call the proper authorities, they will notify you by phone or through your app. It’s like having a full-time team ready to help whenever there’s a potential threat.

Will the security system deter a burglar’s attempts to disable?

Smart burglars who target a home and happen upon an alarm system will either flee or attempt to disable the system. You want to make sure your home security system has the following features to ensure it cannot be disabled or sends a signal to the proper authorities before the burglar gets to it:

  • Dedicated connection: You want a home monitoring system that has a dedicated connection separate from the hardwired system in the home. This ensures that even if the burglar gains access to your control panel, the system will continue to send signals and alert the proper professionals of the intrusion.
  • Smash protection: Traditionally, smashing a control panel meant that the security system malfunctioned or deterred any further operation from occurring. With your new alarm installation, you want to do everything you can to prevent tampering of your security system. Advanced home security systems are able to send signals to the monitoring professional even if the panel is smashed. Make sure the system offers this.

How many sensors are included in the system?

Contact sensors are important to monitoring the opening and closing of doors, windows, and otherwise. You want to make sure that all accessible entrances into your home have their own sensor so your system can alert you and your monitor professional in the event that a burglar attempts to gain entry.

Will the system protect my family from more than break-ins?

In most cases, home security companies provide more than burglar protection. Monitors, sensors, and more are able to detect fire, carbon monoxide, and water leaks. Furthermore, a smart home allows you to track things like energy waste, package deliveries, and lost keys. Finally, ask if the system will alert you of abnormal activity around the home, whether you’re at home or not. For example, a stray dog darts through your backyard. Will the system pick that up and alert you of it?

How are system malfunctions handled?

When a component to the home security system stops working, how does the company take care of it? How soon do they come out to your home and fix the situation? It’s inevitable that some feature of the system will have issues. The focus should be on how soon the company you choose remedies the malfunction. How responsive are they to a motion sensor going out or a camera feed becoming jumbled? The company that will fix your problem in a timely manner is a great choice.

Does the system include smart devices?

As smart technology advances, the trend is becoming a staple. Each year, more homeowners integrate smart tech into their homes to enhance their lives. Instead of walking over to the thermostat to change the temperature, why not do it from your phone? The same goes with some of the top home security systems. Smart tech allows you to monitor and control your entire system from your phone or with your voice. What’s more, automation is a part of smart tech, which means you don’t have to think about your alarm system. It simply takes care of you.

How is the security system powered?

It’s important to understand what and who powers your home security system. Is it the company that installed/integrated it? Do you have to deal with a third party provider? In a large majority of cases, you want a home monitoring and surveillance system to be powered and supported by the company that installs or integrates it for the best performance. When all questions, concerns, and requests go through one company, things happen faster.

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