Security Dog

When it comes to keeping your home safe, you probably do your best to ensure common sense safety tips are covered, such as locking your doors at night, keeping windows closed and locked when you’re away, and other simple tasks. For many homeowners, not only do they cover the basics, they try to think of other ways they can prevent their belongings from being stolen or keep a home invasion from happening at all.

If you are someone who has tried a few tricks to keep robbers at bay, make sure what you are doing is truly effective. Here at Fifteen Alarms, we are passionate about helping homeowners sleep securely at night knowing they are safe from a home invasion. Not only do we install home security systems here in the Memphis area that are effective, we also provide helpful knowledge so homeowners like you can avoid making security mistakes.

Check out these top security measures that won’t actually protect your home as well as you might think and read on to learn how we can help you keep your home safe from intruders — don’t forget, for real home security solutions, you can count on Fifteen Alarms.

Fido to the Rescue

Many homeowners believe that they do not need a home security system installed because they have a dog in their home. While Fido might deter some opportunistic thieves with his incessant barking, the reality is that most family pets do not make great guard dogs.

Unless your dog was actually trained to understand protection commands and to guard a home, odds are good they will wind up greeting your invader with more affection than actual harm.

If you are depending upon your furry pals to defend your home, you might want to think again. Not only will many dogs lead burglars right to your prized jewels in exchange for a tasty treat, they are actually put in danger when you utilize them as your first line of defense. A home security system can help keep not only you safe but all your four-legged family members safe as well. Take care of Fido by protecting him with a professional alarm system.

The Good Old Neighborhood Watch

Many homeowners leave on vacation without worrying about their home because they falsely believe their neighbors will be able to prevent a burglary through a vigilant watch. The problem is that while your neighbors might notice someone who doesn’t belong if they are there to witness what is happening, odds are good they won’t be spending the entire time you are away staring at your home.

While your neighbors are at work, out with friends, or asleep in bed, your home could be at risk. While it is an excellent idea to keep your eye out on each other’s homes, don’t depend on this method for 100 percent safety.

Hiding Belongings in “Creative” Ways

A common methodology that homeowners use to deter theft of valuable items is to hide those items in creative places around the house. The problem is that, although it is wise to keep your expensive belongings out of plain sight, what you think is a clever hiding spot might not be so clever after all.

Putting purses in freezers, hiding money in sock drawers, and keeping a fake book on the shelf with jewelry inside are all tricks a burglar has seen before. Instead of relying on hiding your belongings from burglars, focus instead on how to prevent someone from invading your home in the first place.

Leaving Your Lights on While You’re Gone

When homeowners go away on a trip, they often try to leave things in place to make it appear they are still home. One common tactic is to leave lights on in the home so it doesn’t look unoccupied. However, just leaving a light on won’t be enough to signal occupancy.

When you are actually home, your lights go on and off and regular times. It is much better to utilize a remote automated lighting control, such as the one offered in our smart home package. These systems allow you to mimic real light operations while you are away, rather than simply turning on a kitchen light and calling it good.

Homemade Camera Systems

With the advent of modern technology, gone are the days of flying blind when you are away from home. Camera systems allow homeowners to check up on their property no matter where they are. However, not all camera systems are alike. For example, if you are relying on your pet cam to function as your security system, you will face major gaps in the functionality of the system.

Make sure that the camera system you are using was actually designed to be full home security system. Our team members can talk to you about your particular property and the unique needs it has depending on the layout and size of the home. A good system should allow you to do more than simply check-in when you have the time. It should monitor your home and alert you when something is awry.

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