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It’s hard to stomach the idea that your own city isn’t safe. What about your neighborhood? Your street? In Memphis, one in 17 properties out of every 1,000 will experience a crime like a burglary, theft, or damage annually — according to Neighborhood Scout. What’s more, the FBI reported in 2016 an estimated 7,919,035 property crimes in the United States. Although the nation’s property crime count has decreased about 1.5 percent overall since the 2015 FBI report, the property crime probability in Memphis is one of the worst in the nation.

As the premier home security system company in the Memphis area, Fifteen Alarms is dedicated to providing you and your family 24/7 home monitoring and surveillance services for years to come. Our mission goes beyond selling systems. We want our community to be safer, and we’re committed to doing something about it. Are you?

In this post, we’ll share the top 20 reasons why burglars target homes. If you want to deter burglary, theft, and other related property crimes, it’s best to consult a home security company to install or integrate surveillance, monitoring, and alarms for your home. Give Fifteen Alarms a call today or learn more. Otherwise, continue reading to discover what burglars look for when targeting homes. Take note, we provide service throughout Memphis and the surrounding area, including Bartlett, Cordova, Lakeland, Southwind, Germantown, Whitehaven, and Arlington.

12 Different Reasons Why Burglars Will Target Your Home

As you can see, property crimes are more than a statistic. When a burglar attempts or successfully breaks into a home it affects the family, the neighborhood, and the city as a whole. If you’re a homeowner, you want your family to feel safe behind your home’s locked doors. What’s more, you can decrease the chance that a burglar chooses your home with home monitoring and surveillance system. Nonetheless, here are the reasons burglars target homes:

No Alarm System

In a UNC-Charlotte study, burglars (60 percent) said that if a home had a security system that was visible, they would target a different home. Furthermore, 83 percent of burglars in the study said they would attempt to determine if an alarm system was present before committing the crime. What does this mean for your Memphis home? A home security system helps deter criminals.

You Own the Corner Lot

It’s counterintuitive to think that a corner lot would be the prime target for a burglary, but it’s true. For the most part, homes on corners are more accessible from the street, and they have fewer homes surrounding them. This means that fewer people are able to see their activity. Also, the burglar has more ways to escape after the crime, whether they’ve been successful or not.

More Locks Indicates Something to Protect

Although you added three deadbolts to your front door, a deadbolt to your back door, and extra latches on all your windows, a criminal will make the assumption that more locks means better things to steal. In most cases, more locks will help keep a burglar out, but if you only have locks, criminals are most likely to make more than one attempt to get into your home.

Alleys Offer Cover

Yes, alleyways are narrow throughways from one street to the next, but how often do you use them? In most cases, alleys are rarely used, but they provide cover and an escape route for burglars after they’ve attempted or committed a crime. Consider the alleyways near or directly next to your home. Do you think a criminal could use it to break into your home or escape? It’s time you installed a home security system.

You Own an Expensive Car

In regards to the actual price of the car, it simply has to look expensive. Signs of wealth like a vehicle, lawn ornaments, home features, and more all indicate that there is something worth stealing inside the home like jewelry, electronics, and more. You don’t have to change your lifestyle to avoid criminal activity, but you do need to be proactive in securing and protecting your belongings and your family.

You Hire a Housekeeper and/or a Landscaper

It makes sense to hire people or companies to help around the home. You have the financials to afford it so why not save yourself some time? Criminals see housekeepers, landscapers, gardeners, and more as opportunities to get inside your home without you knowing. We’re not talking movie trailer criminal disguises. All we’re suggesting is that if your housekeeper props the side door open to take the trash out, a burglar will use this occurrence as an opportunity to get inside your home. It’s important to stay alert, diligent, and aware of how your home is being accessed.

Your Home Is Hidden From Public View

Opposite the corner lot reason above, your home may be a target if it’s hard to see from the road or the neighbors’ houses. The more secluded and under cover the home is, the more likely the criminal will target it—if it doesn’t have an alarm system and is under watch by a few guard dogs, of course. Nonetheless, it’s imperative you be honest with yourself and your home’s surroundings to determine how valuable a home security system would be to protect your home, family, and belongings.

You Lack a Dog

That’s right! Criminals avoid homes with pets, primarily dogs, due to their territorial attitudes—for the most part. A dog is like a live alarm system. The noise they make and the nuisance they cause for the criminal is enough to target a different home.

You Have a Day Job

It’s a common misconception that burglars and thieves only commit crimes under the cover of night. This simply isn’t true. Burglars and thieves look for opportunities to break into homes and steal things whether it’s noon or midnight. If you work days, you and a large majority of your neighborhood is effectively empty from nine to five. This is an opportunity to target a Memphis home, break in, and steal something.

You Live Next to a High-Traffic Area

Once again, the thought would be that the closer you are to higher trafficked areas, the fewer properties would experience crime overall. In fact, if you were to see a crime in progress, you would call the proper authorities and report it. So why is it that high traffic areas attract more crime? The short answer is familiarity. Burglars who are unfamiliar with an area are less likely to steal from it.

You Don’t Have Kids

It may seem odd, but children cause inconsistent schedules for homes. In a week, a family of four may leave the home at different times in the morning and return randomly throughout the day, and return home at night at different times, too. This inconsistency deters criminals. They don’t want to be inside your home when you show up to grab your child’s lunchbox. They want to get in and out quickly.

Your Home Is Poorly Lit

Darkness is an opportunity for burglars to strike. If some of the other reasons on this list check out, darkness is a bonus. Furthermore, a poorly lit home or neighborhood offers more places to hide, escape to, and wait for the opportunity to commit a property crime.

How to Secure Your Memphis Home

Fifteen Alarms offers home security systems to Memphis homeowners. Our mission is to ensure the security of homes and the safety of families through 24/7 home monitoring and surveillance. We offer the lowest rates in the area and we never require contracts. Are you ready to secure your home and deter burglary? Call us today!