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When it comes to helping your aging parents, there are numerous considerations you must juggle. From assisting them with medical appointments to aiding with financial decisions, you want what is best for your parents as they age.

For many people, leaving the comfort of their own home to live in a retirement community or nursing home is a less than desirable option. If you have parents who wish to remain in the comfort of their own home, one big concern you might have is how secure their home is. Unfortunately, the elderly are often preyed upon and can be easily taken advantage of due to ailments and reduced mobility. If you are helping your parents remain in their home but you want to ensure they are secure, check out the following tips for keeping them safe and reach out to talk to us about alarm installations here in the Memphis area — we serve folks throughout Memphis, Bartlett, Cordova, Lakeland, Southwind, Germantown, Whitehaven, and Arlington.

Start With an Inspection of The Property

The first thing you should do is visit your parent’s home and walk the entire property, both inside and out. Bring along a notepad and write down information about any safety concerns you have. From cracks in the sidewalk that could lead to tripping hazards to windows that would allow a burglar easy access to the home, create a detailed report of the current safety of the home.

As you do this, make sure you take your time. It is easy to miss things when you are in a rush. You can even test existing safety features. For example, lock the windows inside and then try to open them from the outside. Do the locks hold? Often times, the security features in place are not as secure as you might think.

Once you have walked the entire property, sit down with your parents and talk to them about any concerns they might have. Do they struggle with the locks on the home? Do they worry at night when they hear sounds on their porch? Perhaps they are most concerned about a break-in while they are away from the home. Find out what security concerns bother them the most so you can account for these issues in your plan.

Devise a Game Plan for Security

Next, it is time to create a plan that will address the issues from above. Whether it is the installation of a security system, improved door and window locks, or a combination of these, take the time to determine what will best address the security concerns you found above.

Speaking with a home security company will help you decide upon the best choices for your parent’s needs. A home security tech can walk you through the different options available on the market. From simple alarms to full smart home technology features, there are numerous products that can work to improve the security of your parent’s home.

As you consider the different options for home security systems, try to keep your parents open-minded to the idea of smart home technology. While your elderly parents might not be dying to order pizza through a voice-activated smart home device, this technology can be extremely beneficial for their security needs. Talk to them about cameras they can access on their phone, putting to rest worries when they are away from home. Discuss with them the option of locks that can be activated from their phone, no matter where they go. These added features might go a long way in giving both you and your parents peace of mind.

Make Sure There Is Proper Lighting

While home security systems go a long way in providing safety for your parent’s home, it is also critical you address other simple improvements, such as lighting. The right lighting can ensure that your parents can always tell if someone is lurking around their property and it also provides increased security at night when they walk around their home.

Make sure that doorways, walkways, and stairways are all well lit. Invest in lighting that is tripped by motion sensors so no one can sneak up to the house unnoticed. The right lighting paired with a good camera system will go a long way in securing the property.

Utilize Smart Technology to Check Up

If you have smart home technology integrated into your parent’s new home security system, utilize this to check up on how they are doing. By accessing their home’s exterior cameras, you can ensure that your parents are safe and sound. This can help when they have concerns and you can’t reach their property in a timely manner. Checking up on elderly parents can become increasingly important as they age. Smart technology can help make this a more viable option than ever before.

Connect in Person as Often as Possible

Finally, while technology has come a long way and can help ensure your family has improved safety, it will never completely take the place of an in-person visit. Stopping by to connect with your elderly parents will help them stay safer, as well as provide them with a bright spot in their day. As your parents lose more of their mobility and access to the outside world, visits from you will become increasingly important. Stopping by will also alert neighbors and anyone who sees that your parents have people watching out for them.

If you have parents who are elderly but wish to remain at home, talk to us about how the installation of a home security system could help ensure their safety. We are proud to provide quality alarm installation in Memphis and we look forward to helping you keep your parents happy and protected.